SkinFood Orange Nail Polish Remover Jelly Review

Hi Everybody!!! Today I’m going to give you a review on Skin Food’s Orange Nail Remover Jelly. This product is great because it is different from regular nail remover. One it is made like jelly, second it removes color without dying effects, and makes nail soft and smooth. You do not have to use a lot, just put a little bit on a cotton pad and then gently rub against your nail. When you are done, your nail looks normal again.
I would rate this 3.5/5 because it runs out too fast and it costs around $14.5 for a bottle with 100 ml.

I’m not sponsored by this company, this is my own opinion.

Thanks 🙂

To be Honest

To be Honest: I wanted to try and post every week, but I have too much schoolwork. For 2 weeks, I wanted to quit blogging, but then I would lose track of how many books I have read and no excuse to go ahead and buy make up. I might decide to quit, but I would be a disappointment to the people who read my blog. I honestly can”t handle the stress right now but I will try my best to post every couple of weeks. In June, I will blog more since its summer vacation about books and makeup! I really dont have any time to read until summer because my Finals are coming up and I am scared to Death about every subject! You can also follow us on Instagram if you want to see sneak peeks of our posts, but honestly we are wayyyy too busy to be blogging every week. We have a shitload of homework that needs to be done, but we put our homework aside for about 2+hours every week trying to finish 1 blog post because we need to type, edit, upload pics onto wordpress which takes a long time or we have sucky Internet Connections and let the other make sure its appropriate to post so it isnt offensive or anything. Sorry we will be taking a temporary break from blogging for about a month, so Ally & Rita can focus on school so we can study like crazy!

Thanks for Reading and We Love You!
Ally and Rita