Catching Fire

Really excited to watch Catching Fire.
My makeup:




Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (original formula)
Primer: Smashbox  Photo Finish Primer
Mascara: Benefit They’re real mascara
Highlighter: Benefit Watts’ Up
BB Cream: Garnier original BB Cream

Baby lips Electro in Strike a Rose

yummy Starbucks with Lucylulu98 ­čśÇ I got a Caramel Frappuccino and Lucy got Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

I watched Catching Fire with Lucy, Bella and Alina. Was really fun, I bought a large popcorn to share with everyone.

I loved the movie. The actors did a terrific job portraying each character, however I think they should give Liam (Gale) more screentime.

Rita-25 facts about me

1. I was born on March 11, 1998 in the year of the Tiger.

2. I have a scar on my forehead from the time my  cousin pushed me down the stairs

3. I am have been blogging since I was 12 1/2.

4. I am full Chinese.

5. Born and raised in San Francisco!

6. My favorite band is The Darcys.

7. ┬áI am currently 5’3″

8. My best friends are Lucylulu98, Milly and Cally from C.M.Y., Bella and Alina.

9. My favorite bag is my Harajuku bag, I got at Macy’s when i was 14.

10. I used to be a fan of N.C.I.S., until they fired Cote.

11. My favorite mascara is Benefit They’re Real and my favorite lip balm is Baby Lips in Oh! Orange or Strike a Rose.

12. I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old.

13. My celebrity crush is Ian Somerhalder.

14. My favorite Brands are Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply, Hudson, Seven for all Mankind and Paige.

15. My favorite cookies are Milanos.

16. Natural mix of black brown hair.

17. I am currently taking Precalculus in 10th grade

18. I like to sleep.

19. I don’t get sponsored/ paid for blog posts

19. I love to shop.

20. Favorite drink: Aloe or water

21. Beauty product I use the most is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (original formula) by Clinique.

22. I am a Pisces.

23.  I like to put my hair into the Chopstick Bun.


24. My favorite authors are Heather Brewer, John Green, Ally Carter, Melissa de la Cruz, LJ Smith, Alex Flinn, and Sara Shepard.

25. Normally I don’t wear any makeup only my Baby Lips lip balm.

Not very happy

Update: WordPress finally fixed it, I still like the old version better though, because you can see your blog stats through the months. 

I am not very happy with wordpress because their app Is very annoying. They changed the stats page when it doesn’t even need to fixed. The old stats page was very good and it let me see when I should post for the maximum number of people that will see my blog. I liked the top post and which countries are visiting my blog but now it looks like this:

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Pep Rally 2013 and the Science Festival

Had a lot of fun at the Pep rally on November 1st.
I took some pictures! My face is painted with red and yellow because its our school colors! Go Mustangs!!!!!!!!!

Credit to Caramel
me & mirage
Credit to Caramel
Credits to Caramel
Go Mustangs





Science Festival at AT&T Park

10/2/13, I went to the Science Festival at AT&T Park, home of the World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants. They had very cool things like a Robot Zoo. A lot of booths were set up by major universities in California like Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley and U.C.S.F.