Party at Spotify

Hi. I just attended the Bye Bye Bullying Contest Party in Downtown San Francisco. It was pretty fun. The Spotify building is amazing. Spotify was hosting the party. They even had Skee ball machine :D. I went with a couple of my classmates.


They even have a skee ball game and a video games room. It has this hipstery vibe.

Man I hope I get an internship here or maybe Google!!

I  support the end of bullying because as a kid I was called “fat”, “stupid”, “ugly” and “nerd”.

Happy December

Hi guys, happy December, almost this blog’s one year anniversary!!!
Right now I’m not feeling so well. San Francisco is so dang cold like 40-something degrees. I am currently inside my room sitting there and procrastinating. I am cold and I am wearing this gorgeous Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren, olive-green jacket. I picked it up at Macy’s for around $20 i think, original price was around $300, super good deal! I got some stuff Black Friday, including this really cute black dress. I am really stressing out about my finals that are coming up in about 2 weeks. Its so cold, that I decided to wear 5 layers of clothing and I’m still cold.

On Saturday, I went to the ears nose and mouth doctor on Taraval Street and got the blood vessels in my nose sealed.  I suffer from really bad bloody noses so I decided to go and get rid of this problem. The doctor, used a stick and put it in my nose close off the blood vessels. It burns, and it still burns right now.

I really can’t believe 2013 is almost over! I’m turning 16 in around 3 months, seems like just yesterday I was a shy little  14 year old.

Today, after school,  I am going to San Francisco Spotify  because I entered this contest called Bye Bye Bullying. Aria has told me that her Skinny Love cover, will be uploaded in about 2 weeks or so, she’s still editing the track a bit.