Tired of Teacher’s BS part 2

So I talked to him last Fri 12/18 about all the missing assignments (that he graded and gave me zeros for) and he filled it in so I got a C  for semester grade after final. He went like “You’re so smart, why are you getting such a bad grade in my class?”

I didn’t say anything about how my depression had gotten worse because I don’t want a teacher that knows me pretty well to see me as unstable.  I just told him that my relatives from China were here for a month so I couldn’t study.

Today, I got my report card and it said I got a D. What the heck? He told me that I would get a C as my semester grade.  He just burst a ton of my dreams, to go to a top ranked school for computer science. That grade will probably withdraw my applications to the 14 schools I applied to.  That there is about $700 worth of app fees + ACT fees.

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