Today I lost a friend

Today I lost a friend, not through death, but for no reason. I feel so betrayed and confused, what I do wrong? I was there when you had heartbreak from your first boyfriend. I was there when you told me you were pansexual and I didn’t care because you were my friend. You were there when I was depressed. I didn’t judge you when you dyed your hair to that ugly shade of burnt ass orange, so why were so judgmental about me supporting equality for all?

Remember our group of friends and you cut them off just like that? Some of them were your elementary school friends, the ones who had been friends with you since childhood. Why would you ruin four plus years of friendship for no reason? Was it because you found ‘better’ friends and you got popular? Or was it because you’re sixteen and dating an eighteen year old college boy and that you became snotty? 


Goodbye to our friendship and have a happy life with the loneliness inside of you.


The Fault in our Stars Movie

Hey, sorry I haven’t been on for over a month! I had ACT Prep at Think Tank Learning for a month. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I go to this program called Oasis for Girls, and I learn about career pathways and what to do for interviews! 

I watched TFIOS on 6/14/14 with my friends from middle school Lucy, Bella, and Alina.

My ticket: image

The movie was awesome but sad. I forgot to bring tissues, so I was pretty much crying through the entire movie. I love this movie, ever since I read the book in 2013!!! (Click here to read my book review). I generally love John Green books, so I’m very psyched for Paper Towns, the movie, that comes out next year.

Things that have happened to me in the 2 months that I was gone:

  • My parents got a new car a Toyota Corolla.
  • I scored a 29 on my practice ACT.
  • I read my required summer reading books and started on my APUSH work.

 Tomorrow I have a dental appointment at UCSF and I’m kind of scared because they have to pull out 2 baby teeth. So weird, I’m 16 and still haven’t lost my baby teeth lol. 

Good Night, 



1 week Hiatus

Hey guys, I will be putting my blog on hiatus for the next week. The reason this blog will be on a break is because I have to study like a crazy person. I have an AP Chinese Test on the 22nd, finals week on the 27th to the 29th. I will be back on May 30th.

My schedule is pretty hectic get home at 4, do homework, study until 1 AM, sleep for 5-6 hours, wake up and go to school and the insane cycle repeats.

I will not be on ANY Social Networking for example Facebook, YouTube or Twitter because well can’t have any distractions.
This blog is like my baby, I gave birth to the idea in December of 2012, watched it grow from 1 view to approximately 30,000 in less than 1.5 years, invested my time on it, spent hours choosing a blog design, and asking for advice from fellow bloggers. I feel as if I’m abandoning my baby. 😦

I feel bad that I post like twice a month now instead of every week or twice a week like I used to. I really want to update everyday, but unfortunately, I don’t exactly have the time.

Currently I’m so happy right now because I got into AP Calculus and AP US History. I also signed up for AP Physics and just normal programming but I don’t know if I got in.

I still haven’t gone over my birthday pictures from my tablet, so expect them to be up in about June.  Here’s to hoping, I pass my AP Test and finals.

Looking forward to Summer Vacation. 2.5 months of sleeping in, shopping, hanging out with my best friends that I haven’t seen since middle school and just chilling out.

I hope to see you guys in a week.



Mommy I’m scared


The awesome graph work by all the math students in our pre-calculus class. Our teacher kept talking about how if we animators used the wrong algorithms to create a character/face the character would end up scary.

“Mommy, I’m scared” is the joke, Cara and I came up with.



wpid-wp-1397985001208.jpgThis is what the graph is supposed to look like. A smiley face :). I graphed this on my pink TI-84 Plus Silver Edition.

Spring Break 3/31/14

Today, I went to Fisherman’s Wharf with Cara and Lucy! In the morning Cara and Lucy went ice skating, but unfortunately yesterday I hurt my leg while jumping off a diving board. Ouch! By the time I post this, it will probably be April 7th.

Cara and Lucy (click here for her blog)

They are so pro at skating!

wpid-20140331_122549.jpgAfter meeting them at Yerba Buena, we planned on going to Fisherman’s Wharf. Unfortunately when we were walking to the bus stop to the F car, there was lightning. It scared the crap out of us. When we finally got on, there was a lot of people, and some elderly couples were looking at us because I was swearing like a sailor, because everything got soaked, my jacket, jeans, and my favorite Harajuku bag. We finally got to the Musée Mécanique also known as the Museum of Machines, an arcade with antique games. I must have spent at least $5 there.

Laffing Sal, I remember her from the old Cliff House where the old Musée Mécanique was. Laffing Sal scared the heck out of Cara and Lucy.


This was weird. A quarter to see a couple of figurines farting continuously.


The Gyspy Queen will tell your future for 50 cents. It was funny, but I forgot where I put my fortune.



A mirror, that made our torsos longer.



After the Musée Mécanique we went to In N Out to get food. I ordered a hamburger and fries, it was very yummy and we were too hungry to take pictures LOL. Then we went to a sweets shop, because Cara wanted some sweets and everything looked delish. 🙂 Cara got a pack of 6 lollipops.

After going there we went to Starbucks, Lucy ordered a Hazelnut Frapp and I got a Caramel Frapp. While we were drinking our coffees, Cara decided to go across the street to get a Pikachu hat. It’s sooo cuteeeee. It looks strange on her head because of her ponytail.wpid-20140331_154050.jpg

pink lipstick

On this photo only thing I edited was eyelashes and my clear skin, in real life, my skin looks like nothing in this picture my forehead has a ton of acne and my lashes are very thin and small.

My 16th birthday pictures will be up shortly, just haven’t had time   to move everything from Camera into my computer.

I took the SAT Practice Test and I scored a 1500 almost good enough for a 3rd Tier UC. I also took the ACT Practice and scored a 23 which is equivalent to a score of 1620 on the SATs.

Bye for now,



Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!
For me it’s Singles Awareness Day because I’m single.


I have been up since 5 AM because I was studying for my math and English Tests. Shakespeare is insufferable, I seriously hate reading it!

Found this on Facebook

Credit to I fucking love science.

Hi, I”m sick

Hi all, so sorry I haven’t posted in like forever, I’m sick. I’m also really stressed with a lot of homework. I feel like shit right now. My face isn’t pretty from the cold. My mom makes me go to school even though I’m very sick.. My mom made me go to Chinatown today though, its boring, but wtf this stand was selling Placenta Cream. I had like 16 hours of sleep. Its so cold though. I have a couple of pics of myself at the fair, so stay tuned!