FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Do you get paid/ sponsored for blogging?
No, but if I do, I will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Question: This blog sucks.

Quit wasting your life here then.


What is the camera you use?
I use my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Honestly it really depends which device I have on me.

What is your ethnicity?


What is your nationality?


How tall are you?

I am currently 5’4″

When do you post?

Whenever I have time to blog.

Do you always edit your pics?

I don’t always edit my pictures. I will disclose if I used a filter or edited it at all.

Are you a  full time blogger?

No I am not, because I have to finish university.

Your commment will be up shortly as soon as Rita approves it :)

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