Tired of Teacher’s BS part 2

So I talked to him last Fri 12/18 about all the missing assignments (that he graded and gave me zeros for) and he filled it in so I got a C  for semester grade after final. He went like “You’re so smart, why are you getting such a bad grade in my class?”

I didn’t say anything about how my depression had gotten worse because I don’t want a teacher that knows me pretty well to see me as unstable.  I just told him that my relatives from China were here for a month so I couldn’t study.

Today, I got my report card and it said I got a D. What the heck? He told me that I would get a C as my semester grade.  He just burst a ton of my dreams, to go to a top ranked school for computer science. That grade will probably withdraw my applications to the 14 schools I applied to.  That there is about $700 worth of app fees + ACT fees.

Rita-25 facts about me

1. I was born on March 11, 1998 in the year of the Tiger.

2. I have a scar on my forehead from the time my  cousin pushed me down the stairs

3. I am have been blogging since I was 12 1/2.

4. I am full Chinese.

5. Born and raised in San Francisco!

6. My favorite band is The Darcys.

7.  I am currently 5’3″

8. My best friends are Lucylulu98, Milly and Cally from C.M.Y., Bella and Alina.

9. My favorite bag is my Harajuku bag, I got at Macy’s when i was 14.

10. I used to be a fan of N.C.I.S., until they fired Cote.

11. My favorite mascara is Benefit They’re Real and my favorite lip balm is Baby Lips in Oh! Orange or Strike a Rose.

12. I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old.

13. My celebrity crush is Ian Somerhalder.

14. My favorite Brands are Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply, Hudson, Seven for all Mankind and Paige.

15. My favorite cookies are Milanos.

16. Natural mix of black brown hair.

17. I am currently taking Precalculus in 10th grade

18. I like to sleep.

19. I don’t get sponsored/ paid for blog posts

19. I love to shop.

20. Favorite drink: Aloe or water

21. Beauty product I use the most is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (original formula) by Clinique.

22. I am a Pisces.

23.  I like to put my hair into the Chopstick Bun.


24. My favorite authors are Heather Brewer, John Green, Ally Carter, Melissa de la Cruz, LJ Smith, Alex Flinn, and Sara Shepard.

25. Normally I don’t wear any makeup only my Baby Lips lip balm.

Rita-Blog My Life

I suck at drawing so I will do a Blog My Life post.

I was born on March 11, 1998 at around 4:00 PM in San Francisco, California. I am an only child. Growing up I had the typical Asian Bowl Cut. I attended an elementary school named Francis Scott Key. In 5th grade, I was teased constantly because some girl named “Hannah” made dumb rumors about me. I was super depressed and had low self esteem for a while. Then middle school hit and I had some new friends lets call em “Adaire”, “Adelaide”, and “Adema” but they backstabbed me so I ditched them. In the middle of the school year, I was/ still am  friends with two girls named “Cece” and “Sadie”, they turned out to be good friends and I hung out with them at lunch. Later I started talking to Lucy who was in Orchestra with me, and we started hanging out. Lucy and I became fast friends, then later she introduced me to Bella and Alina. We had hella fun. Now flash forward 2.5 years later, although we are all at different high schools well except for Lucy. Lucy is now a writer on my blog and she is talented at writing. Around January 2013, I started my blog with my friend Ally and we started blogging alot. Though Ally quit, she is still a founding member of this blog! Blogging has given me an outlet for me to vent my anger. I don’t get sponsored/paid for blogging, but blogging just makes me happy.